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TARG - Toronto Auditory Research Group

TARG - Toronto Auditory Reseach Group aims to bring together auditory researchers from the Greater Toronto Area. Meetings are held quaterly in particapting institutes: SunnyBrook, SickKids, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and Ryerson University.
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Next Meeting at Ryerson University

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Janurary 16, 2020 - SickKids

PGCRL Event Room 1

16:00 Karen: Archie's Cochlear Implant Lab: Present research questions

16:15 Hillary: Challenges to language exposure in children with hearing loss

16:30 Carly: Abnormalities in binaural processing in children receiving bilateral cochlear implants

16:45 Robel: Abnormalities in binaural hearing in children who use bilateral hearing aids

17:00 Robel: The role of head and eye movement in spatial hearing

17:15 Rebecca: Mutli-sensory integration for balance

November 12, 2019 - Rotman Research Institute: Room 748, 11 am.

Vanessa Chan: Effects of temporal order and explicit attention on word-in-noise identification: the implicit role of subsequent context

Manda Fischer: Incidental auditory learning and memory-guided attention: A behavioural and EEG study

Simon Dobri: Investigating the relationship between GABA and speech-in-noise understanding in aging using MR spectroscopy

Dr. Vivek Sharma: Information conflict in Absolute Pitch

Dr. Bernhard Ross: Speech-in-noise understanding in older age: The role of inhibitory cortical responses

May 21, 2019 - SunnyBrook, Room M7201, 4 pm

The topic will be using Temporal Response Functions to look at running speech EEG responses

Brandon Paul and Emily Graber will be presenting. Some sample data analysis will be covered using the mTRF toolbox. The main mTRF paper is below:

mTRF Toolbox