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IERASG workshop

This workshop will a number of aspects of Advnced EEG analysis. We will cover:

-Data simulation using the free BESA simulator

-We will perform ERP, time-frequency and source analysis of this simulated data using EEGLAB, FieldTrip and BrainStorm.

-We will similuate alpha osillations in FieldTrip and do a beamformer source reconstruction.

-We will learn how to write EEGLAB scripts using the eegh function

-We look at cochlear implant artifact reductions using ICA

-We will use temporal response functions for analyzing ongoing running speech using the mTRF toolbox.

Example scripts and datasets are provided below.

There are lots of online tutorials to supplement the workshop. Please visit the links below for the tutorials.

Also, links for youtube lectures are given below.


Make sure you have the following free downloads installed:

  • BrainStorm
  • BESA Simulator
  • FieldTrip
  • mTRF Toolbox
  • Data files to download

    Normal hearing EEG data set. Data from 4 participants (AM burst). Dataset includes raw EEG files and EEGLAB processed. Click here to download.

    Cochlear implant artifact reduction files. Data files as zip (VHDR, and EEGLAB formats). Click here to download.

    Data files for temporal response functions. Click here to download. The Matlab output for the Temporal Response Function to a audiobook listening can be found here

    Temporal response functions to phoneme represenations in an audiobook. Data download here. The matlab output can be found here.

    Matlab files to download

    Brain Vision EEGLAB importer. Click here to download.

    Convert BESA dipole simulator to EEGLAB. Click here to download. Take this output and do a beamformer in FieldTrip. Download here

    FieldTrip alpha dipole simulator with beamformer. Click here to download the m files. PDF output: here to download.

    Click here to download BESA generic file reader


    BESA simulator to FieldTrip and time-frequency analysis click here

    TRF envelope Click here to download the m files. PDF output: here to download.



    Other files

    Summary of CI artifact. Click here to download.

    SFP electrode file used: sunnyb 64ch_nofids.sfp here to download.

    Extra Matlab files, example batch scripts for EEGLAB and FieldTrip. Click here to download.

    FieldTrip video lectures:

    Introduction to EEG, MEG and analysis with the FieldTrip toolbox

    Source reconstruction using beamforming techniques

    Fundamentals of neuronal oscillations and synchrony

    EEGLAB video lectures:

    EEGLAB Overview by Arnaud Delorme

    Time-frequency decomposition in EEGLAB

    BrainStorm video lectures:

    Brainstorm: Imaging neural activity at the speed of brain

    Mike X Cohen video lectures:

    Broad overview of EEG data analysis analysis

    Morlet wavelets in time and in frequency

    Let us know how we did! Please fill out this form: